Index of all article topics.

Blog design for paginated index of posts beyond the landing page.

Blog index of posts by a particular author.

Building on version F to include a post from another publication.

Blog - Index

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Evolution of C using elements from E, with a few adventurous foundational tweaks as well.

Converting (with some tweaks) the earlier blog post prototype with nothing but toolkit components and patterns.

Blog index of posts from a particular topic.

Work overview page.

Single case study page.

Global Nav

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Header and footer nav accounted for, includes expand/collapse functionality at small sizes. Should also be accessible via keyboard and assistive devices.

With responsive devices SVG animation.

Labs Page

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Will include our open source projects and recent nuggets of code goodness.

Includes differentiation descriptions with accompanying illustrations and supporting quotes, blog content.

With upcoming events and index of talks.

With talk description, relevant media and presentation history. Takes some visual cues from blog post prototype.

Our Team page with a group selfie photo.

Individual team member bio and related content.

Includes only content from the "What We Do" document and list of services.