Work overview page.

Work overview page.

Case study page.

Test page to show buttons in use.

A test for the default layout.

A test for the section page layout.

A test for the single (post, talk, etc.) page layout.

Single blog post prototype with comments.

Expand/collapse initially, single-row at wider viewports.

PWA Stats post page.

PWA Stats main page.

Single-row, centered.

Single-row, justified at large sizes.

Our Team page with a group selfie photo.

Our Team page with square heads.

Individual team member bio and related content.

Chronological posts plus sidebar linkage.

One featured post, then tiled chronological posts.

Hybrid layout based on both previous approaches.

Another stab at a tile-based design approach.

Layout from A combined with the featured post treatment of B/D, plus some alternate sidebar styles.

Narrow widths only, links with descriptions.

Simple design that works with very small amounts of nav items.

Expand/collapse with options for testing different animation strategies.

Includes only content from the "What Sets Us Apart" document.

Header area design with robot illustration.

Combining content for "What We Do" and "What Sets Us Apart."

Includes only content from the "What We Do" document.